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2008 - 10
Name Caption
H & S Afety New approach to JFK under investigation
Captain Birdseye United Airlines first to offer new “Fly/Sail” holidays
Penny Pincher United find way to avoid paying Toll !!
Dickie Seat Low on fuel the captain opted for an approach over water
2008 - 09

Name Caption
C Omodor Dave felt that he might have cut the course a little tight
Julie Newly qualified Day Skipper Polly was now realising that it wasn't as easy as parking her car
Stevie J Photo taken on May 1st
2008 - 08
Name Caption
Stephanie Security were keen to see that no one was receiving
S Ecure Rover liked to join in with the lads
Rover Arrests for “Dogging” are on the increase
2008 - 07
Name Caption
David Brown There's one tyred looking truck

D Umper

Driver of red truck escapes unharmed but admits to feeling “wheely tyred”
Cat Stevens Caterpillar unveils new Jack
Brian Stephenson Sandwich lady encouraged to use car park
2008 - 06
Name Caption
Judy Peach Highway Code changes cause confusion
Viv  from Swindon Swindon Council does their bit for global warming
M Ajor Local Government reveal traffic calming measures
D River Even my Sat Nav was confused claims motorist
Zeberdee Magic Roundabout
2008 - 05
Name Caption

Shammy Leather

Drive through car wash fails on first day

P. Uddle How am I going to put the shopping in the boot?
Shaun Davies Mrs Brown thought she now knew what her husband meant when he referred to the car being heavy on gas
Dave How will I explain this one
Brian Stephenson "Well at least I wont be getting a parking ticket today" she thought
Jay Walker Telling the AA that she had parked in a puddle didn't seem to have impressed the call centre
Paul Cooke "Is that the AA, oh good, my car won`t start"
2008 - 04
Name Caption
Kim O'Hara Russians launch car with frozen payments
Steve Tracey Emin reveals trabant ice sculpture to win next Turner prize
Julie Spencer Trabant now available with ICE as optional extra
Jack Frost Chris realised his tin of de-icer might not be up to the job ahead.
2008 - 03
Name Caption
Kim O'Hara The new smart 4x4 doesn't fit in your average garage
Ali B Nice roller-skate, can I have one for the other foot please !
2008 - 02
Name Caption
Kim O'Hara

Security wasn't all it as cracked up to be

John P

The new entrance to the Institute of advanced female motorists was activated over Christmas

2008 - 01
Name Caption

Kim O'Hara

Tower, have followed the east slip road as instructed, Foxtrot Uniform.

Stevie Smith

The captain said allow for drift

I P Squint

Passenger 57 regretted asking for more ice with his vodka

Anon In other news, FreezyJet denied rumours in the Financial press that its assets had been frozen
2007 - 41
Name Caption

Kim O'Hara

Little Johnny found the trip to Santa distressing

Michael Traumatised Oh how father loved to tease us !!
Flo Booth Dad just said lets take some flowers to Santa

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