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2008 - 20
Name Caption
B Ikerider The young Evil jumps several tyres
Helmut Prototype automatic bike park needs refinement
Nigel New safety device protects bikes brilliantly
Jez Motorcycle ejector seat tested this week by Richard Hammond
W Hee Chris failed to win the race but did come second in the long jump!
R. Slicker Fed up with being tyred, Fred decided to take affence.
2008 - 19
Name Caption
Mr Kipling Tank fires marshmallow shells
R Eifel At Bisley one competitor takes things a step further
Mat Tel New Radio control toy proves to be very realistic
Anon Armies’ new meringue piercing shell passes first test.
Mr Baker Mr Kipling makes exceedingly nice shells
2008 - 18
Name Caption
Pat Locke Police advise taken extra security
S Moss The Halford's car alarm came with an unconventional anti theft devise
Kay  Hole Jackie knew asking her brother to fix the lock was a mistake
B. P. As the oil tanker drivers strike bites some lock their cars and walk
C Cure Home Secretary shuts the door after the PC has bolted
2008 - 17
Name Caption
Kim O'Hara At last Gordon found the branch stocking his new car
Stevie Dave knew he was going to have look out his log book
Amy Sarah would never in future park on a trunk road

Leaf Erricsonn

Obviously someone’s had a “Nightmare on Elm street!!”
2008 - 16
Name Caption
B Beacon

Hey! -  this is a pelican crossing!!

F Ord

Chris could only imagine the damage he could have caused the ducks if he’d remembered to take his car to work!!

M Allard Jemima took her brood down to the shops to get a pair of legs for the little one
Me Duck En route to Ilkley Moor
Anne Alex was forced to revise his objections to the 20mph limit
2008 - 15
Chris Gordon finds time to get to the point of gardening
2008 - 14
Name Caption
Kim O'Hara In Iraq locals are relieved by the recent troop surge

IP Freely

NO no no………I’m a “peace” keeper.

R Hyme

Wee Willy Winkie wandered through the town

Mike Armstrong

US Government accuses Al Qaeda of training youngsters

R. E. Porter US Troops in Afghanistan seek out dissidents in Helmet province
G Player Nintendo promote Wii in Afghanistan
2008 - 13
Name Caption
Josie B Susan knew she would be glad when the maintenance engineer fixed the damn thing
Jan Kowalski Excellent opportunities for Polish workers, hours to suit accommodation provided

Earl Grey

Pauline hoped this one wouldn’t want milk in his tea.

T Maiden Ian Beale sees new opportunity to place working wife
2008 - 12
Name Caption
Stevie With the curtains closed Dave felt it made an ideal making bacon van
P. Iggy Miss Piggies wheels
R Asher VW “porker” van !!
Sue E Apparently this one’s a bit of a pig to drive.
S Nowt VW present the Danish Camper Van
V Hungary Parked up whilst the occupants were just off troffing
Beryl Brighton Paul wished that he hadn't parked so close to the fence that his tail had become entwined
2008 - 11
Name Caption
Kim O'Hara I'm feeling hungry
Anon Toothpick !!
P. Ekish Oh, I fancy an orange.
Willy Wonka Tonka release their latest play thing
Su Mall I left this one out in the rain and it shrank

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