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2008 - 30
Name Caption
Lou F Yule Low cost airlines scandal over cheap one way tickets
K. Onchordde Chris asked, “what sort of plane is that” when it was obvious it was a Lysander !!
Beach Babe Sue wasn't talking to Bob and she certainly wasn't getting involved in a pilot looking for attention
William Gates Fault found in new version of sat nav software
C Side Wave good bye to cheap fares
Betty Airline confirms that Air side greeting "Hi Jack" was actually a greeting to the pilot
2008 - 29
Name Caption
I.P Freely Wedgwood deny catering for the proletariat
Seymour Butz After arriving at the bathroom Chris decided he really didn’t want to throw up any more!!
R Sliker

Initial-Sankey regret sacking their designer and then not checking his final drawings before they went to manufacture!!
A Kimbo Feet pointing to the poor ceiling
2008 - 28
Name Caption
Slit Now you have got me feeling more than a little cut up
B. Anger Hot Dog, Dead Dog!
Tom Ketchup Oh you are saucy !
2008 - 27
Name Caption
Kim O'Hara Drivers find diesels don't put off young girls!
Smoky Gunn Who shot the sheriff?
Dave Land Rover launch new Chick Magnet
Jessa Is this a rebadged Land Rover?
T Onkatoy Land Rover show off their new in car sat nav with low profile aerial
Wats Inaname Sit Here,  Enormous Room Inside For Females
2008 - 26
Name Caption
Kim O'Hara Gordon found out that cycle mileage allowance had risen to 20p per mile and with one of these smart babies he could wear his badge with pride
Mother Cared Sporting fathers line up with their high tech baby buggies
P Arasol Olympic two wheeled umbrella event gets underway
Cindy W Steve was looking forward to starting his sticker collection

S Lyptof

Chris was really regretting his decision to try the new non-stick windscreen!!
2008 - 25
Name Caption
Captain Dave New fly by wire technology in need of refinement
Simon Cable companies diversify into aviation
Sonia As the pilot felt a surge of power the appeal of the parachute seemed to dwindle
Sinit Albifor Chris couldn’t believe he’d crashed in exactly the same place again!!!
Janet Job for highly strung recovery crew
Dave J Brian found recharging the new dual fuel plane a little tricky
Brian Dave couldn't forget his former job behind as a trapeze artist
2008 - 24
Name Caption
Betsy Sarah didn't realise her parents would be worried
2008 - 23
Name Caption
Julie Hills Olympics get off to bad start in China
John Moss Pilot to Co pilot "I said left hand down a bit
Barry Lady pilot learns where reverse gear is
2008 - 22
Name Caption
Bee Askit Rex knew his place in life
Frank Lee Ridiqulus Felix may have over watered his collie flower
Kay Nyne Rover felt that he had the moral high ground but was unsure what to do with it
Kay Nyne Rover felt it would be catty to turf her out whilst she was asleep
2008 - 21
Name Caption
H Heel Suzie liked to be colour co-ordinated
Pete Hughes Dave's feminine side bought the girls flocking
Anita Bra Debbie's bra and Bike were both Triumph's
P. You Debbie tried to explain to her friend just how big an Odour Eater she was looking for
Mer. Sadies Chris realised that no matter how good his bike looked his choice of company car had been a mistake.
Julie Hills "See you can still be environmentally friendly and elegant" Sally explained
Barb Er Whilst practicing her Rod Hull tribute act Julie chatted oblivious to car requiring a hair do that had just arrived
Julie Hills Sally said "I told the boy at Halfords I wanted a roof rack this high but he couldn't help me"!

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