Peakland Aquatic Society



Secretary and Event Organiser : Harry Balzac

We have a small but active membership. Meetings take place in the village hall bi-monthly.  Below is the current years programme.
Jan 3rd   - Talk on Fantails by Ed Ewan
Mar 7th   - Slide Show of  Cichlids  by Peter Brent
May 2nd  - Lecture on Live Bearers by Amanda Young
Jul 4th    - Show preparations
Jul 7th    - Annual Show in the Village Hall
Sep 5th   - Slide Show on Marine Tank (establishing and maintaining) kindly given by a member of The Jungle in Buxton
Nov 7th   - Talk on "My favourite - The Guppy" by Harry Balzac
Below are some pictures from last years show
Class 1 Best Mature Fantail
Class 2 Best Group Coldwater
Class 3 Best Pair Coldwater
 Class 4 Best Guppy
5  Best Tropical (Green Sailfin Molly)
Class 6 Best Sucker