Peakland & District Table Tennis Club




We play in the school gym every Wednesday at 7:30 . We have an active membership but are always open to new members.
Here is a picture of a typical club nights play.

Table tennis has come a long way from it's believed origin in England during the 12th century as a spin-off of "Royal Tennis" and was also popular as a parlor game in Victorian homes. Equipment was made from various homemade articles, such as cardboard for rackets, books as nets and usually a ball of string.

Today world class players can put up to 9000rpm of spin on a table tennis ball and todays high technology bats are  covered with either pimpled, junk or sandwich rubber!


So if you have an interest in joining drop Gemma an email

  Some of our club members have taken part on the competition circuit 

and have high hopes.

Members Gossip
Talk at the club recently has centred around Shirley's new bat (picture below) it is claimed to have hidden powers!