Peakland People



Name:  Jo Allanus                                                                                               

Job: School Teacher

Personal Profile:
I am a school teacher, I teach the Nursery Class at Peakland Primary. I'm single and studied Art at Uni. This is an interest that I keep up with, I am a member of the local Arts Society (the Peakland Painters) we meet up monthly and study various aspects under the leadership of a wonderful man. I had never met Mike Oxlong before I moved to the village but in the short time I have been here Mike has done more than anyone to bring a smile to my face.
I have a little dog called Trixie Belle, she is a bit of a minx. I have to take her to school these days where she has a safe area and is adored by the children. I left her at home in the early days but she proved she didn't like being left "home-alone" as you can see below. Naughty Trixie!