Peakland People



Name:  Douglas Arfemty                                                                                          

Job: Licensee and Publican

Personal Profile:
I run the Pig & Whistle, a fine Public House. The only Non Smoking pub in the village. I subscribe to the publicans affiliated membership of ASH. I turned the Pub non smoking upon taking it over in 2000 and have found a marked increase in wet and dry sales. I am keen on seeing the Pub at the heart of village life and have progressively restocked with a variety of pub games. We have bar billiards, darts, pool and dominos in the lower bar. A sizeable restaurant, a sizeable beer garden and a cosy snug. I also rent out the upstairs room (with bar) for special occasions.

I enjoy the banter that we get from the predominately younger members of the village their ranks are swelled on nice days by pilots when my friends in the Hang Gliding club pop in after a good day soaring the local hills.

Known to my friends as Dougie, I have enjoyed my time in the Village and hope to run the pub for many more years.