Peakland People



Name: Harry Balzac                                                                  

Job:  Florist
Personal Profile:
I was born on April fools day in 1938 in Gloucestershire. I have for many years resided at 4 Crab Cottages, (off Itchy Lane). We moved from the shop when my late wife was young. I still run the Florist shop albeit I keep promising myself retirement, it never seems to happen.  Having read about this web project on the Village Hall notice Board I thought it might be an opportunity to raise the profile of the Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) and the Aquatic Society to which I am Hon Secretary. I was asked to submit a photo but have allowed a drawing to be used. It was done in 2 sittings by a very talented local artist Jo. The picture hangs in my lounge, everyone agrees it is an excellent likeness. I am related to Honore de Balzac the great French novelist & playwright. 

I have kept and bred Guppies for many years

The Blond

A Gold Cobra
  The Red Varitail
I am proud to run the local society and am happy to help anyone with an interest in taking up fish keeping. If you harbour such an interest I would whole heartedly recommend a specific monthly magazine Practical Fishkeeping. I have read this for some time and only recently had anything to do with them directly however I must say they are a delightful and charming bunch of people, very eager to help.