Peakland People



Name:  Anita Cock                                                                                               

Job: Barmaid

Personal Profile:
I work at the Pig and Whistle for Dougie. The picture above was taken last year whilst I was on holiday in Ibiza. Leah and I flew over there and had a wicked time. I went to college for a year after leaving school and have a GNVQ in Hairdressing. I would like to open my own salon one day. I used to be a guide and help out Pat with the Brownie pack.

When I'm not working at the weekends I get into town clubbin. Mainly Manchester but we have found the clubs at Sheffield better (trouble is its difficult to get there without a car). I'm taking driving lessons at the moment and have an red Fiesta called Bessie.


I am a sporty sort and my favourite game is Croquet, I am the local Club Secretary.
Playing at home I can relax an throw a few drinks down my throat at the same time (tee hee)!