Peakland People



Name: Hugh deMann                                                                        

Job: Retired
Personal Profile:
I come from a local family that is able to trace its roots back to the 17th Century when as Huguenots we escaped from France and settled in the Peak District. Ancestors of mine in their day were Squires of the village living up at the manor house. I have had a delightful life spent largely here in the village apart from my national service years. I live alone and am verger of the village church. I have a name locally for being into technology and am helping young Rick with the village web site. He's got me doing the Pod cast, telling folk a bit about the village an what's going on.

As a young man I played for the rugby team and these days take care of the pitch for the team. I enjoy a pint down at my local (the Fox).

I have a dog, Marmaduke who accompanies most places. I have got Rick to include a picture taken of him at last years Dog show (Marmaduke not Rick)