Peakland People



Name: Ed Ewan                                                                                                  

Job: Headteacher

Personal Profile:
I am a school teacher working with my wife Kate at the village Primary School. I have been in teaching for 30 years and am happily wedded to both the profession and my wife who has ably assisted me at the Village School for the last 10 years. Teaching and living in this community has been a real pleasure. The children are most rewarding and many ex-pupils are seen on a daily basis.
When not teaching I am an accomplished Campanologist and play a leading part in the St Isidore Peel. Mo a great friend and fellow sailor is our parish Priest. We have sailed together and co-owned a dingy for over a decade.
The sailing club is always busy Sunday mornings but I am usually tied up at the church, however there is nothing finer than a Sunday afternoon race to blow away the cob webs.
I have one other great love in my life and that is the breeding of Fantails. I have kept and bred these fascinating fish for many years. I have tanks not only at home but two large tanks and a pond at the school. Below are pictures of a couple of my Metallic Red prize winners. I am a member of the local club.


For those interested in fantails these fish are both delightful and easy to keep and breed. They live for about 10 years and,  are hardy fish, happily living outdoors in ponds. The standards for show are set out below, if you have an interest have a chat with me.


The finnage is important, and the tail must have the right kind of forking. Some years ago, there were two standards: one for a longer, thinner tail and one for a shorter, stumpier tail; these are now combined into the present, intermediate standard.


The fantail standard is as follows:

  • Depth of body to be greater than 3/5ths of body length
  • Dorsal fin to be single, all other fins to be paired
  • Caudal fin to be divided and forked and held above the horizontal
  • Extremities of fins to be slightly rounded
  • Minimum length of body to be 5.5 cm (2 inches)

The fish should be bright and alert. The body should be short (not elongated) with a smooth outline. The caudal fin should be held high without drooping, should be well divided and should look fan-shaped when viewed from the rear. Good quality fish will have high colour intensity extending into the fins.

The colour may be metallic (self-coloured or variegated in a pleasing pattern and similar on each side) or calico. Metallic colours should appear as burnished metal, extending into the fins. Calico fish should have a blue background with patches of violet, red, orange, yellow and brown, spotted with black.