Peakland People



Name: Mrs Kate Ewan                                                                                                

Job: Primary School Teacher

Personal Profile:
A school teacher working with husband Edward at the village Primary School. Born and brought up in Dorset I went to Lancaster University where I graduated with a 2.1 in Biochemistry. I followed this with an eighteen month archaeological trek through  the Andes and floated down the Amazon on a balsa raft. During this time I collected pre-Columbian artefacts from desert valleys. Later I had the opportunity on a separate trek to travel up the Amazon from Belem to Manaus to Iquitos and meandered through Peru and Bolivia spending time on a cattle ranch in Paraguay. I returned to Peru and travelled in a dugout canoe through the jungle rivers of Guatemala visiting remote Mayan cities.

All of that seems a lifetime ago as upon my return to England I ran into Edward. He had just taken over as head teacher at Peakland but was still sailing on the south coast and we met a a regatta in Poole Harbour. Edward offered me a teaching post in Peakland and as I hadn't yet put roots down following my recent return to the UK I happily took him up on the opportunity. The village children are delightful and we have a wonderful community. Within a year of moving to the village Edward had proposed and we wed a year later. The rest they say is history.

When I'm not teaching I love to read, thankfully our village library is well stocked and offers a great source of research for the children's projects.