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Name: Rick Kleiner                                                                                                       

Job: Software Author
Personal Profile:
I work from home for a large Software House. Working from home fits well with my life style. Some might regard me as a bit of a geek. I enjoy my work and share my house with my cat Tiddles (picture below). I cant say that I like holidays although I was made to go on one with my last girlfriend. When I'm not working or surfing I attend LAN party's. On Friday nights I can be found down at the Fox having a pint with the YF's (young farmers).
When the Taxi driver called to take me to the airport
So why do I prefer my computer over another girlfriend ?
  • A computer can wait forever for you. Well, unless the unexpected error message came out.
  • A computer doesnít compare you with itís past users.
  • A computer doesnít get calls from itís past users while youíre logged in.
  • Computers do everything you tell them to. They obey you 100%.
  • Computers donít get mad at you if you use other computers.
  • Computers donít play head games unless you ask them to.
  • A computer is nicely designed and big in all the right places.
  • A computer wonít fall in love with you just because you have sex.
  • A computer doesnít tell you how terrific itís past users have been.
  • A computer wonít ask, ďAre you in?Ē
  • A computer wonít ask, ďIs there another computer?Ē
  • A computer doesnít mind how excited you get.
  • A computer wonít say, ďLetís just be friends.Ē
  • An average computer session lasts five hours.
  • A computer wonít even talk about marriage.
  • A computer wonít get bitchy if youíre slow to respond.
  • A computer wonít mind how many other accounts you have, or if you keep getting new ones.
  • A computer wonít shave with your razor.
  • A computer doesnít cross-examine you every time you log in.
  • Computers are easy to turn on.
  • Computers are ready when you are.
  • Computers are very responsive.
  • Computers donít insist on foreplay.
  • Computers donít get pregnant.
  • Computers donít care about age differences.
  • Computers donít care if youíre married.
  • Computers donít make you meet their parents.
  • Computers donít mind if you share them with a friend.
  • Computers never ask you to call them in the morning, or late at night.
  • Size doesnít count to a computer.
  • You can log into several computers at once.
  • You can visit a computer any time you like, and itíll be ready for you.
  • Computers never have headaches or have that time of the month.
  • Computers wonít mind if you donít like their friends.
  • With a computer, you never have to say youíre sorry.
  • If you donít like the feel of one computer you can easily switch to another.
  • You donít have to tell computers you love them.
  • You can turn off a computer.


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