Peakland People



Name: Mr Jed I Knight                                                                                         

Job: Architect
Political views:                              
Personal Profile:
I am regarded by some as a grumpy old man, however I enjoy turning out for the cricket team and am an avid user of the village library. Reading being a great solace since my wife passed away. I enjoy a pint down at my local the Pig & Whistle (as well as a good pint they have prettier barmaids). I am regarded as being vocal in my opposition to the way the village has been and continues to be treated by local politicians (particularly our MP). The local authority currently is pursuing me over lack of planning permission for an outside privvy I erected in the front garden (shown below).When it comes to politicians they all tell me they are sincere but I find a sincere politician an oxymoron. Come to think of it Oxymoron is one itself, (oxy=sharp, moron=dull) any way I have listed a few others below.
The disputed "Privvy":
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Some of my favourite Oxymorons:

Drop me a line if you have one you think I might like to add 

Awfully nice
Cautiously Optimistic
Christian Scientist
Clearly Misunderstood
Click the start button to shut down
Crash Landing
Doing Nothing
Dry Martini
Educated Guess
Fatally Injured
Fun Run
Good Grief
Hard Water
Holy War
Honest Politician
Light Heavyweight
Paid Volunteer
Pretty Ugly
Religious Tolerance
Sincere Politician
Stand Down
Suicide Victim
Titanium woods
Uninvited Guest
Virtual Reality
War Games