Peakland People



Name: Adam Meway                                                                                   

Job: Retired
Personal Profile:
A proud grandfather and holder of the "Best North of Derbyshire Town Crier" title. I have a number of ceremonial functions including the opening of the village wakes week and leading the procession to the Wells Dressing. It doesn't stop in winter as I am involved in the opening ceremony for the grand village light switch on.

I regularly support the football team and along with my grandson Aaron I play a leading light in the local Model Society. Whilst Aaron is into radio control cars I hope to see him progress into my favoured area of model aircraft.

At one time I was a  bingo caller, when we had weekly bingo in the Village Hall. However this fell from popularity but I am only to happy to stand in when the occasional fund raising bingo session is called by one of the local groups. I have run at least two in the last year, one for the Brownies and another for the Arts Society.