Peakland People



Name:  Carrie Oakee                                                                                      

Job: Shop assistant

Personal Profile:
I work at in the village Deli, its called Oven Fresh my boss is Roland he is a nice guy to work for. He has encouraged me to build my self confidence. I recently did a modelling photo shoot for swimwear. Photo above is from that. Roland let me have time off to go. I went with Leah we have been mates since we went to the village school. I quiet like singing and do a bit in the pubs on amature nights. It would be nice to be able to make the break into the profession but I'm not sure that it will happen. Although we have some nice lads in the village I was knocked of my feet last year when Andrzej turned up in the pub one Friday night whilst I was singing. He is Polish and was working up at Hall Bank Farm. He is gorgeous. We had a great summer and I was dead upset when the season was over and he went back to Gdansk. He has written a lot since he went back and says he is coming over again this summer.