Peakland People



Name: Drew Peacock                                                                              

Job: Licensee & Manager of The Cricketers PH
Personal Profile:
Nicknamed Kojak years ago when my hair loss became an inescapable fact of life I have for some years embraced adopted the cool image and generated some notoriety in the locality for the striking likeness. The picture attached was taken at a celebrity karaoke evening. I rarely wear the glasses or suck lollies! I enjoy turning out for the Cricket team and proudly captained the side during the 91-95 seasons. In my day I used to open the batting order but these days leave that honour to the younger players.

I run a fine pub where a good pint is always available. It is a family friendly establishment with a pleasant outdoor seating area affording good views of the Cricket ground.

I have been a mason for many years, during that time we have raised much money for a number of deserving causes. Our work in the community extends to the High Peak hospice and we have close ties to the Scout & Guide Association where the local HQ is used by 1st Peakland Brownies