Peakland People



Name: Barry Schmelly                                                                                    

Job: Pig Farmer
Personal Profile:
Proprietor of the "Peakland Porkers" brand of sausages I both produce and market my Pigs. Having take the farm on from my father who in turn took it on from his father before. I set about specialising in Pigs as that was where I saw the money. Now don't get the wrong impression, none of us farmers is rich but I does make a passable living from the pigs.

Educated locally till the age of 15 I worked on the farm from a young age but only had the opportunity to refocus things when my father passed on. I employ 2 pigmen full time to look after the herd. In 1995 we built a purpose built abattoir and farm shop. There really hasn't been any looking back since.

I was asked to list interests well I don't get too much time for that as me Pig business keeps me busy see. But I do like a pint down at the Fox.

For those who would like to lay their hands on my Peakland Porkers products locally call in at my farm shop or the Deli.