Peakland People



Name:  Jenny Tull                                                                                  

Job: Barmaid

Personal Profile:
I work at The Fox as one of the barmaids. There are two of us, me and Anna. We tend to have regulars in, mainly from the top part of the village. We don't have much of a car park so most people that come are local and walk. When I was at school I liked cooking a lot and fancied having my own cafe. 


Our boss Sam lets me do the cooking although its mostly sandwiches and porkpies that sells over the bar. I might one day expand this into a separate business. Sam likes normal pub games like dominos and darts. At the Fox we don't go in for Karaoke or quiz's.


I ain't got a boyfriend, though I'm always keeping an eye out. I live with me parents and we have a dog he is a thoroughbred boxer. His name is Rocky and I walks him in the mornings. Dad does him in the evenings cos mostly I am working.
Rocky is dead strong (as dogs go) we have to put him in a special collar that the vet got us because you can hold him back better with it.. Last year he was in the dog show. I've got one brother he is older than me his name is Jethro (yeh! our parents are a real scream).