Peakland People



Name: Rt Hon Ben Lyon                                                                                      

Job: Member of Parliament for High Peakland
Personal Profile:
Whilst not living in the village, responsibility for it falls under my constituency. As an MP I am a very busy person and do not have the luxury of attending all of the meetings villagers hold to protect their cottage hospital. I believe fully in the National Heath Service and have played my part in ensuring that no expense has been spared in employing additional resource to head up the new Healthcare Trust.   
I have a great interest in anything that my constituents do and have lent my weight in many cases of local importance.
I have a great interest in sport despite my name being linked to the closure of Sporting facilities in the area. This is just bad publicity brought around by "mud slingers". I am keen to see the countryside preserved and often drive out into it to exercise my dogs. I play Golf from a moderate handicap of 12.
I am a patron of the arts and regularly give to charity.
If you have any issues or complaint that you would like me to raise or deal with then fill in the form.