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We have attended a number of events and made visits to a wide range of places, here are our thoughts on them.

  • Tropical Inc gave a fantastic evening, see the pictures to see what happened.

  • Blackbrook Zoo. Situated between Leek and Ashbourne this small establishment gave a fantastic day trip. We like it so much we have been back with different groups on a number of occasions. The lads were captivated throughout and the staff were excellent. We took advantage of the guided tour that was offered and it added immensely to our day. We love the work that they are doing and will continue to return again regularly.

  • Orchard Farm offers great accommodation, restored by Hertfordshire Scouts this accommodation is kept in excellent condition. It is a credit to the county organisation who own and run it. We have stayed a number of times and always look forward to returning.

  • Buxton Museum. We were given a guided tour around the museum during an evening pack night. Lots of good hands on activity captivated the lads and gave a very good timeline experience looking at things from 100 years old (no, not the leaders!) to things 350 million years old. Great fun will visit again.

  • Magna Science Museum at Rotherham - Some areas were enjoyed by the lads (particularly those involving water) but the rest of the trip was a little disappointing. A good use for an old redundant Steel Mill but a lot of the Science side went above the Cubs heads. Maybe the sort of place to take Scouts / Guides particularly if tied in with a science badge / project.

  • The National Armoury at Leeds. If your cubs are into armour and want to know lots about it (maybe a detailed project covering the middle ages) then they may get something out of a visit. If not give this a wide berth. It rated high on the yawn meter!

  • Tittlesworth Reservoir near Leek - an excellent day out. Under cover picnic area which is suitable for barbeques, fantastic adventure playground as well as a small visitor centre, with cafe, nature trail and a selection of walks. Entrance is free with a small charge for car parking.

  • Peak Practice - outdoor undercover golf driving range. An excellent evening out.

  • The National Space Centre Leicester. An excellent day out, indoor area for packed lunches. A superb cinema, included in the entrance price (don't miss it). It would be a waste if not visited in conjunction with some projects on Space.

  • Buxton Swimming Pool - Easy access, (parents can deliver), open in the evenings and filled with Spa water.

  • Stockport Swimming pool - Easily accessible by Road or train from Buxton, the lads love it, reasonably priced & a McDonalds nearby.

  • EUREKA - an excellent day out with lots of hands on experiments for the lads to do. A high ratio of adults to cubs necessary if the lads are to get the most out of the visit

  • Macclesfield Superbowl - A good night out, not cheap and only accessible by road, good parking but nothing else nearby.

  • Sheffield Ice Rink - Road  transport only. Good guidance sheet available from the rink to hand out to lads a week before going with sensible tips (like wearing gloves).

  • Joderell Bank - Road access only A good day trip for a weekend. Great ability to combine with Science & Astronomer badges, reasonably priced. Since we visited we are aware that this has closed but do not know when it will reopen.

  • Poole's Cavern - A good underground show cave. The Country Park that surround the cavern is great for Trekking and wildlife activities and is free. The cave itself is interesting for the lads, although not cheap, when combined with other activities (we've done investitures, presented certificates and held the inaugural meeting of the Scout Section there) it can make an excellent venue.

  • Manchester Airport - An excellent evening activity at a reasonable price. A really good guided tour around the airport. Although accessible by Road and rail (as well as plane) the rail link from Buxton isn't really a viable option.

  • Manchester Science Museum - A great day out at a reasonable price (take a packed lunch as there is plenty of space to eat it especially near the Steam Engine area. A building across the road dedicated to aviation is an excellent addition. Road access great Rail access achievable yet more problematic.

  • Lyme Park - An excellent area for orienteering. Owned by the National Trust (who have kindly let us in so far on production of no more than my Family Membership card) There is a children's activity play area superb wildlife and some good safe walking. We've never taken the lads into the house yet (costs more and there's too much to break) The ground a vast and give the opportunity to educate youngsters about a wide range of things in a very safe environment.

  • Gradbach Campsite  - This was our home district campsite. We have had some great weekends there but find it now too expensive and the indoor accommodation not very clean. It is in an excellent location with superb walking, hiking, tracking and other outdoor activities. Accommodation is either indoors in one of two buildings or outdoor camping. The camping ground is large but the facilities are sparse.  The site is really only accessible by road.

  • Hesley Wood Scout Campsite - Good facilities with qualified personnel to run Archery, canoeing, shooting, climbing and other activities. We have run Scout and Cub camps here. The site is accessible by Road or Rail.

  • Linnet Clough Scout Campsite - Great facilities, we also used Rope & Race a local company for use of their climbing wall. We did climbing, abseiling, traversing & archery. The site is large well divided, flat with good indoor and outdoor facilities.    

  • Buxton Fire station, Police Station and Ambulance station - A great evening activity. We used to visit one each year such that each lad will visit all three in their time with the pack however the Fire Station is the only one now prepared to accept groups in the evening. The staff manning the emergency services are always excellent and we always tie in a visit with other activities to ensure added value from the experience.   

  • Busy Bees Indoor Play Centre - this is a great place for an evening treat. With Ball Pits, Rope Ladders and all inside under one roof. They are based in Buxton on the Tongue Lane Industrial Estate and can be contacted on Buxton (01298) 24648.  

  • Swains Go-Karting - We had a good trip there in 2000 but the company have since adopted a less friendly approach to groups and will not open for Cub Packs after 5pm.