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Interested in Comet Ison?                                                 

Have you enjoyed the astronomy badge? If you would like to download and print a copy of NASA's model of Comet ISON's Orbit then click here

Interested in cartoon drawing?                                                 

Last year we held an art camp, if you have an interest in cartoon drawing and would like too see how the Simpson's come together, click Homer. Have a look at the hot tips from Matt Groening.

not got Adobe Acrobat?

To download your free copy from Adobe,  click here

The Best Cub Trophy and the Best Six Cup

Each Cub and each Six can earn points for a variety of good deeds. The Cub and the Six with the most points is identified every month. The Best six has their colour ribbon on the Best Six Cup for the next month and the Best Cub has their name on the best Cub Trophy for the month. The Cub that wins it the most times during the year gets awarded the trophy at the end of the year.


Month Best Cub Best Six
  December 2016    
  November 2016 Grace Critchlow   Red Yellow Green
  October 2016 Dominic Seward Red Yellow Green
  September 2016 Grace Critchlow   Green
  August 2016 Grace Critchlow   Yellow
  July 2016 James Welbourn Yellow
  June 2016 Dominic Seward Green
  May 2016 Luca Swell Red
  April 2016 Maddie Hazelhurst Red
  March 2016 Luke Murray  Blue & Yellow
  February 2016 Ben Robinson  Blue
  January 2016 Maddie Hazelhurst & Erin Babbington Red
  December 2015 James Whelbourn Red
  November 2015 Jimmy Payton Green
  October 2015 Luca Sewell Yellow
  September 2015 Maddie Hazelhurst Blue
  August 2015 James Whelbourn Red
  July 2015 Not Awarded not awarded
  June 2015 Alex Henshaw Red
  May 2015 Alex S Green
  April 2015 Jim Conway Blue
  March 2015 James Whelbourn Yellow
  February 2015 Alex Henshaw Red
  January 2015 Evan Yellow
  December 2014 Alex Henshaw Green
  November 2014 Trey Snodgrass Blue
  October 2014 Alex Simner Blue & Yellow
  September 2014 Callam Burns & James Whelbourn Blue
  August 2014 George Tomkinson not awarded
  July 2014 Thomas Broadley Yellow
  June 2014 Sean Hobday Yellow
  May 2014 Trey Snodgrass Blue & Green
  April 2014 Alistair Green Blue
  March 2014 Joe Mycock Blue
  February 2014 Ryan Westley Yellow
  January 2014 Trey Snodgrass Yellow
  December 2013 Joe Mycock Yellow
  November 2013 Joe Mycock Yellow
  October 2013 Harry Beal Yellow
  September 2013 Charlie Bloor Red
  August 2013 Summer Holidays not awarded not awarded
  July 2013 Summer Holidays not awarded not awarded
  June 2013 not awarded not awarded
May 2013 not awarded not awarded
  April 2013 Trey Snodgrass Red
March 2013 Will Slack & Trey Snodgrass Green
February 2013 Fraser Masterson Red
January 2013 Thomas Broadley & Joe Mycock White
December 2012 Josh Stow / Alex Simner Red
November 2012 Fraser Masterson Green
October 2012 Caitlin Mcnamara  Yellow
September 2012 Caitlin Mcnamara  Blue
August 2012 Summer Holidays not awarded not awarded
July 2012 Summer Holidays not awarded not awarded
June 2012 Caitlin Mcnamara  Yellow
May 2012 Oliver Moody Yellow
April 2012 Caitlin Mcnamara  White
March 2012 Fraser Masterson/ Jack White / Black
February 2012 Catlin Mcnamara & Richard Whittaker Black
January 2012 Ben Broadley Blue
December 2011 Cameron Smith Red
November 2011 Will Farlam Yellow
October 2011 Jamie Wedgewood & Seb Landless Red
September 2011 Cameron Smith Red
August 2011 Summer Holidays not awarded not awarded
July 2011 Joe Goodwin Red
June 2011 Cameron Smith Black
May 2011 Will Farlam Green
April 2011 Jamie Wedgewood  Blue
March 2011 Cameron Smith Red
February 2011 Jake Wilton White
January 2011 Alex Todd Red