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We have been involved in a large selection of activities, here is a brief review of some of them.

RAF Cosford

We went to RAF Cosford with other cubs from the District have a look at the pictures


Water Sports Day

We went to Trent Lock with other cubs from the County have a look at the pictures


Animal Carer's evening

An great evening with Tropical Inc see the pictures


Climbing at Upper Limits

We enjoyed a good nights climbing at Upper Limits (alas now closed).

Buxton Flower Garden Competition

We have in conjunction with the Scouts been creating a sensory garden outside the Buxton Spring Gardens shopping centre

For further details of the joint project which was led by Mark Rushworth.

Shooting Competition

We took part in the High Peak District Shooting Competition

Buxton Cub Camp

We went to Linnet Clough Camp Site with Cubs from all around Buxton. The theme for the weekend was Past & Present. We did a whole lot of activities and had a brilliant weekend. To see more click here

Camp preparation

We learnt about tent erection and had a kit checking session


The Home Safety Badge. You might find it useful to check out the fire safety web site. With a variety of home safety evenings and a visit from the Police there is the opportunity for each Cub to complete their Home Safety Badge. We have had a visit from the Derbyshire Constabulary who kindly took us through home security and how we can help prevent anyone gaining unauthorised access to our homes.

Preparations for the Centenary

We have been making plans for our Centenary activities.

Parents End of Year Evening

We staged an end of year show for the parents at Christmas.

90th Anniversary District walk

We took part in the District Walk. To see more click here

Parents & Cubs Sports Evening

We met at the Sports Field in Harpur Hill for a joint Parents and Cubs Sports evening with great support from parents, unfortunately torrential rain caused an abandonment. A quick evacuation back to the meeting hall and the Cubs took on the parents for an impromptu general knowledge quiz. In a close run contest the parents scored 77 but the Cubs came out on top with 84. Well done the cubs, It is a shame that it rained (especially so heavy) lets hope for better weather next year. 


In the summer evenings we have enjoyed putting our map and compass skills to the test with some good hikes.


We went tracking in the local woods. It was very wet and we were pretty muddy by the time our mums and dads picked us up, but what a great time!

90th Anniversary

To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Cub Scouting we went on a 90 mile bike ride on the Tissington Trail (combined distance). We enjoyed it so much we managed twice the distance!


We learnt about the items held in our local museum ranging in dates from 100 years old to 350 million years old. (Our leaders seem quiet young now)!

St George's Day

We learnt about St George and took part in the High Peak District St Georges Day Parade in Buxton.

Parents evening

We finished off the term with a parents evening with the lads able to show their parents what they had been up to. Tables were predominately based on recent activities which included half a term dedicated to bird watching, taking part in the RSPB big bird watch and the Tit Boxes that we made and erected. Other activities were covered. It was a pleasant informal evening which everyone enjoyed. 

Mothers Day

We made Mothers Day Cards and took back presents to go with the cards. The presents were Lucky Bamboo plants that we had to keep hidden secretly until Mothering Sunday (3 days). On Mothering Sunday we went to St James Church with Mother's for the Mothering Sunday Service.

Cake baking

We made scones and tried out our culinary skills though not many of the mums picking us up seemed happy to let us have a go at the Sunday Roast!

Flower Show

The local Flower show pictures can be seen here.

6 a side football competition

We took part in the District 6 a side football competition. We entered two teams but were beaten by better teams. The competition was great and we all enjoyed it. 

Winter term Wildlife and Nature

We have spent some weeks learning about the wild birds that can be found in our gardens, parks and the countryside around us. We have learnt how to make bird seed feeders, Nut feeders (we found one of our cubs had a nut allergy previously unknown about during this activity). We have learnt how to recognise different birds and listened to what songs they sing. We took part in the RSPB Garden Birdwatch and have each made a birdbox which we have taken home for erection and monitoring. We hope to attract birds to nest during the spring.   

We made wonderful good quality bird boxes, we had our picture taken with our bird boxes and the local paper published a story about us with the photo below.


Swimming Competition

We took part in the High Peak District Swimming Competition, here is a picture of some of our cubs being presented their certificates by Jean Clough (our ADC).

Christmas Party

We attended the Buxton Cubs Christmas Party

Remembrance Sunday

We attended the service conducted in Harpur Hill at the Memorial Stones, a picture of us is shown below.


We learnt about the fireworks safety code.


We had an evening kindly run by the High Peak Scout Fellowship who ran a number of activities that helped us understand how we use and rely on our senses. When we were deprived of one of our senses (albeit temporarily) it became far more difficult to do things. The evening was fun and we would like to do it again sometime.

District Shooting Competition

We had a practice evening, shooting with rifles, later in the term we took place in the District Shooting Competition. There is a  separate page with some pics of the competition

Knowsley Safari Park

We took part in a trip to Knowsley Safari Park with lots of other Buxton Cubs. Have a look at the pictures on the Trips area of the website.

Drum Hill Camp

We went camping at the county Camp Site at Drum Hill (about an hour's drive from where we live). It was a fabulous weekend and was the first camp run by our new District just for Cubs. We cant wait for the next camp.


Working on a nature project we made a wormery and kept and studied the worms.


We have been learning about fitness and how it affects our bodies. In the picture we can be seen doing a lot of physical exercise before measuring our pulses. Our pulses were much faster after the exercise than before.

DIY Badge

We have been working towards our DIY badge. Jim has helped us to make bird feeders and Key Hooks. We think our work was nearly up to 'Chipendale' standards.


We learnt about some useful knots, how to tie them and the uses they can be put to, afterwards we had a challenge putting into practice our knowledge getting the teams across a wide (pretend) stream.

American Adventure

We had a great day out at the American Adventure.

Halloween Lanterns                                                                       

We made Halloween lanterns out of Swedes, they were harder than pumpkins and we made a lot of mess but we did have some fun.  


We visited the science museum at Rotherham called "Magna" It is in a converted Steel Mill which is very big and dark. Whilst not all the areas where to everyone's liking the water area was loved by all of us!


We have had an evening orienteering in Grinlow Woods.

Sports Badge

We spent a couple of evenings working towards our Sporting badges.

Buxton Fire Station visit

We have been to Buxton Fire Station. It was good to see the fire engines and learn about what fire people do  (there was men and lady firefighters) They were all dead good at their jobs and helped us understand what we can do to avoid fires and how to make sure that we do not get burnt in a real fire. We are all checking out our own homes to make sure that we have smoke alarms fitted and working.

First Aid

We have taken part in a first response course which we did in conjunction with Fairfield Cubs (17th Buxton) as well as learning about first aid it was good  to make some new mates.

We have been making clay models and painting them.

The Thursday before Remembrance Sunday we had a visit from a gentleman who had served in the Navy during the Second World War. He shared with us his memories. Some happy, some sad.

We made a visit to the Buxton Police Station. During the evening we got to see how finger prints are taken. We also got to see the cells and we were able to sit in a Police Car.

For our end of term treat we went to Busy Bees indoor play centre and had a thoroughly good time.

Most recently we have been working on joint unit projects with the Beavers and Scouts and making rain gauges, they were wiz!

Map Reading & Compass COMPASS

Each term we undertake some work on Map reading and compass work. this term has been no exception with us preparing a hike and undertaking an exercise planning an emergency evacuation route for a "pretend" injured member of the party. A couple of useful games have been employed to help the exercise on Bearings to sink in.

Road Safety

The Road Safety badge was great fun earlier in the term but completing it in winter meant that we had to all be extra vigilant.


The Science badge was challenging with each of the cubs completing many experiments and writing up their findings.

Jodrell Bank

A visit to Jodrell bank (radio telescope) took place on Saturday June 5th with other cubs from the Buxton District. The event which was well organised not only gave us a great look at the Radio Telescope but gave us the opportunity to take in the Space and Science centre and the sites planetarium. Other groups looking to visit Jodrell should take our recommendation it has a big thumbs up and a visit can be combined with badge work. The centre supplied some really good work sheets (and answers for the leaders).

Sixer & Seconder development

We have had a Weekend hike with the Sixers and Seconders, who had to work out the route themselves to find the answers to a number of clues at specific O/S grid references. The lads were accompanied all the way by both leaders but had to locate the correct position themselves and all work together to solve the clues. A demanding exercise that was enjoyed by all. 


We had a trip out recently to Waterworld at Stockport which was enjoyed immensely. Because of transport problems the trip had to be undertaken by Rail (not ideal but we managed). The lads all confirmed that the water shoots were the best part of the trip.

Community Badge

The Community badge has been undertaken, we have worked through a booklet prepared by Derbyshire Police Constabulary. A number of activities have sprung from this culminating in a visit to Buxton Police Station. As well as an interesting look at a fast Patrol car the lads were "lucky"? enough to see what its like to be locked in the cells. An experience that none of them want to repeat.


We had a great evening Go-Karting at the local track "Swains" in Harpur Hill (Buxton). Everyone was able to compete in 10 lap races. The track was floodlit and although the weather was dreadful we had a wonderful time. Being the last meeting before Easter, each of the lads went home with an Easter Egg. The staff at Swains were excellent, safety was very much their foreword.
Any groups wishing to use them can contact SWAINS (01298) 71037. 

(Since this visit SWAINS have changed their policy and will not now open for cubs after 5pm)
Photo of the pack
The photo was taken after the event (in the dry).

World Friendship badge

We have been working on the World Friendship activity badge over a number of weeks. This has helped to learn about other countries and cultures. We have collected stamps, coins and postcards from European countries. We found out who is the local Euro MP and that the European Parliament Building is in Brussels.

Water Safety

We have learned a lot recently about water safety which is important as we have a number of reservoirs, rivers & streams nearby.

Dental Hygiene

We have been lucky to have had a visit from a dental nurse at the local Health Centre. She brought along models of teeth and showed us how we should be cleaning our teeth properly. One of the accessories she brought along was a three foot long tooth brush. We wondered if she found our mouths smaller than the groups that she normally visits!

Mini Pioneering

We made Chariots using a variety of knots and lashings. Each six built theirs independently and the finished chariot had to be able to carry a cub around a course both forward and backwards. It was great fun.